Top 10 Valentine Ideas

Valentine’s Day is only 9 days away. Here are a few ideas to help you out if you haven’t found the perfect gift yet. Happy Hunting!Top 10 Valentine Ideas :
1. Gift something special: We all like gifts and something special, thoughtful has always been the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, gift is a good idea only when you are giving your partner something he/she really will… enjoy. Jewelry stores are always a great place for women and men.
2. Make a romantic dinner: This one has been an all time favorite A special supper for the two of you, at home in your privacy is something you will enjoy. Take care to cook what your partner likes though.
3 .Write a poem: However amateurish, your attempt to do it for him/her will be appreciated. It is also something we all love but we never expect someone to write to us. Go on be a writer and express your love, and add to the mood by singing it out with a guitar and rose in your hand.
4. Pamper at a salon: Who doesn’t like a makeover? Make an appointment with a famous stylist/salon for a day of pampering. Make it all inclusive and for both of you. It will be fun and you two will come out relaxed, and fresh.
5. Catch movies together: How about watching a collection of your favorite movies, at home and together? You both may have varied choice, but enjoying each other’s movies together is a fun. Or spice it up a bit and see a dinner and a movie at Studio Movie Grill.
6. Dress up: When was the last time you dressed up in his/her favorite way? Do so now, even if it is something you are really not comfortable in. Make the effort look sexy and act so. Your partner will drool.
7. Sexy Lingerie: Dress down now… yup your partner may not have told you, but he/she will sure love it. Go on try something bold and let your partner knows what’s on your mind.
8. Chocolates: Add to the mood by giving little exotic chocolates. You can make it even more interesting by writing little fortune cookie notes, or romantic little things on it.
9. Perfumes: Gifting your partner a lovely perfume is always a good idea. You cannot go wrong here, but make sure you know what he/she likes.
10. Flowers: The old fashioned way of gifting flowers is still the best. And gals if you think men don’t like it then try it out. Make it a combination of flowers not just roses and your partner is sure to love the gesture.