Wedding Registry Mistakes

We’d like to help you avoid some of the most common wedding registry mistakes. During our time of getting to know so many wedding couples, we’ve heard a number of them talk about their wedding gift lists, specifically the problems they’re having with them and what they’d do differently if they could register for gifts all over again.

Here are the wedding registry mistakes we hope you’ll keep at the forefront of your mind as you create your bridal registries and also as you maintain your lists now until your wedding day, and even afterward:

1. Registering for too few items. That’s right, wedding couples who don’t want to appear greedy to their friends and family limit their wedding registry lists to just a handful of items, which not only keeps them from receiving everything they’ll need to set up their home, but also leaves wedding guests without enough gift options in their budget to choose from. Don’t be shy. Sign on for lots of wedding gift possibilities, and guests will be more likely to be grateful than offended.

Only having one registry. With so many unique registries out there, don’t limit yourself to just one kind of wedding registry. Look into creating a honeymoon registry, charitable registry, a registry at a local sporting goods store if you like to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle as so many of our Phoenix Arizona  do, a wine registry, or other type of wedding gift list.

2. Registering in a single price range. Load up your list with lots of gifts in a very affordable price range, such as under $50, and then add items in the $50 to $100 price range, some in the $100 to $200 price range, and follow the new wedding registry trend of adding a few big-ticket items that can be given to you by groups, such as your bridal party (who are each saving money by splitting the cost of a pricy gift for you! That $400 coffee maker is just $40 apiece if there are 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen giving the gift together!)

3. Not signing on for gift cards. Again, it doesn’t make you look greedy to ask for 10 $50 gift cards, 10 $100 gift cards and so on. Guests know that you’ll need to buy some household essentials after the wedding, items you didn’t get for bridal shower gifts, and gift cards let you do so without guilt.

4. Choosing the wrong delivery address. If you live in an apartment, you don’t want these valuable gifts being delivered to your entryway with no doorman able to take them in for you. It may be smarter to have all of your wedding gifts delivered to your parents’ home, where they can take them in and protect them for you.

Top vendors list for planning your wedding!

Thanks to all the future brides who visited the Phoenix Bridal Debut this last weekend. Foto Frenzy Photo Booths Knows that there are many details that are needed to create the wedding of your dreams. The last thing you need to do is worry if your food will be tasty, if the flowers will be beautiful, the cake will be yummy or if your photo booth will be fun. So we have put together our preferred vendors list to help you achieve your goal of the perfect day and leave you with the warm and fuzzy feeling.

1. Foto Frenzy Photo Booth – Photo Booth Rental

2. Mitzvah Motion Picture Company – Videography

3. Living Energy Events and Productions – Planning and Production Services

4. Alissa Melody Photography – Photography

5. McReynolds Farms – Catering

6. Artistic Cake DeZine – Wedding Cake

7. Arizona Bridal Warehouse – Bridal Gowns  

8. David’s Bridal – Bridesmaid Attire

9. Mens Wearhouse – Grooms Attire

10. Regency Garden – Venue

11. Fit in the Middle – Weight Loss